Book & Media Donation Policy

Weddington United Methodist Church Book & Media Donation Policy

(Dated 02/2014)

WUMC Resource Center welcomes your donations with the understanding that all donated items become the property of WUMC, and that not all items will be selected for placement in the Center.  A member of the WUMC Resource Center leadership team will inspect all donated books, DVD’s, magazines, CD’s and video games, and reserves the right to discern what may or may not be relevant to the WUMC congregation. Given that there is limited shelf space, books will be selected based upon their appropriateness and condition, if they address the needs of our church members and patrons, and if they are current to today’s topics of interest.  Donated items may or may not make it on the shelves based upon those criteria.

Media items and books that are not used will either be placed in a book sale for other patrons to enjoy or donated to an appropriate charitable organization.  The money earned from the sale of the books will go directly towards the purchase of new books for the Resource Center.

Please use good judgement in selecting books for donation.