Adult Ministries: Intentionally Growing in Faith

At Weddington Church, we value discipleship and the importance of relationships and authentic community. We believe that Christian discipleship happens best when we are connected with others through small group opportunities where we can encourage, care and support one another, and be intentional as we seek to grow in life and faith. We also recognize that everyone has their own starting point and pace, and that there are different seasons in life and faith. For that reason, you will find a variety of groups to help you intentionally grow in faith and find ways to connect with others through friendship, fellowship, special events, and serving opportunities.

Follow Me – A Scriptural Way of the Cross

A Scriptural Way of the Cross is a journey of prayer. This self-guided experience is an invitation to follow Jesus Christ on his journey to the Cross.

As we approach Holy Week, you are invited to experience this outdoor personal time of reflection, just steps away from our Weddington Campus Sanctuary. This opportunity is comprised of 14 wooden crosses, each representing an event that occurred during Jesus’ final days on earth. “Follow Me” booklets will be available as a resource to guide you on-campus as well as online (link below) for those who wish to experience the journey from home. You are invited to spend as much time as you desire at each cross as you pray and reflect on what is represented there.

How to Experience A Scriptural Way of the Cross

On-Campus:  Fourteen large wooden crosses will be located on the north lawn of the Sanctuary Building parking lot. Your experience will begin at the Welcome Center located close to the edge of the parking lot and away from the crosses themselves. Here you will pick up your printed copy of the “Follow Me” booklet from the black box or scan the QR code to access the booklet online. You will use this booklet as your guide for personal prayer and reflection as you move from cross to cross. Each numbered cross corresponds to the scripture reading, image, and prayer found in the “Follow Me” booklet. April 1 – 11 hours are Monday – Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

At-Home:  If you wish to experience A Scriptural Way of the Cross from home you may pick up a printed copy of the “Follow Me” booklet from the A Scriptural Way of the Cross Welcome Center on-campus or view the booklet online – link below.

A Scriptural Way of the Cross offers us all an opportunity to spend time in prayer and reflection as we remember Jesus’ journey, sacrifice, and gift of salvation. For more information, please contacPatsy Sorrell

View the Follow Me booklet online. 

Adult Discipleship Groups

Below and using this link you’ll find a Quick View Schedule of all of our Adult Discipleship groups. For details and descriptions of each group, please use the links below:





















If you would like to know more about Adult Discipleship groups at Weddington UMC, please contact Patsy Sorrell, Director of Adult Discipleship at 704-814-1308.