Evangelism Ministry

Weddington United Methodist Church offers a variety of ways for people to display God’s Grace to others in our world.  We endeavor to present numerous opportunities to people allowing them to comfortably share in fellowship and mission while nurturing them with God’s Spirit of love and hope.

Evangelism Week

Starting Sunday, September 29, we are asking our whole church family to focus on how we as individuals, families, and small groups can share Christ with others in our community. Sometimes evangelism is a scary word but we like to talk about it as farming: farmers plant seeds and nature takes over and the seed becomes a fruitful plant. Christians plant seeds and God takes over. You’ll hear a message from the pulpit, see a Ministry Moment, and have discussion guidance that all small groups can use to generate vibrant conversation about building our community of faith here at Weddington. If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Amy Hutchison

Evangelism Week Resources

Evangelism Small Group Study Video

Evangelism Participant’s Guide

Evangelism Leader’s Guide

Get Involved!

Neighborhood Invitational Groups We are looking for people willing to be a good neighbor and greet those newly arrived families that move into their neighborhoods.  Greeting them with God’s love while creating relationships (we will supply you a gift bag); invite them to share in a Bible Study, in a special event or come with you to participate in missional work you have chosen.  Allow them to share in the family of God while getting to know our Weddington family.  Come and allow us to help you get involved.

Meet Weddington We need you to help us set-up chairs, tables, snacks, and informational materials for a presentation of our church.  Our staff will questions from those who have a desire to join our church and become more involved in our Weddington family.  Our volunteers will set-up and tear down the materials for the monthly meeting and at special events.

Staffing Information Centers Our volunteers will greet new guests and any attendees who may have questions about our church, services, classes, events, or any other information requested.  We want our guest to feel at home as they hear and experience God’s love and grace.  You can serve one Sunday or one service; your choice.

Special Guest Centers for Easter, Christmas, and Special Events We understand that many will attend only during a special event or a special service; this is the time we recognize that we have a special opportunity to greet our special guests.  We need additional people to volunteer to help us reach out to them in special ways in how we may be of service to them.  Come and help us demonstrate hospitality to these guests allowing them to feel as part of our family; the family of Weddington UMC.

UPWARD Sports UpWard Sports Recreation is a Ministry to allow kids to discover the joy of sports through the actions of getting involved.  They get a chance to create relationships while learning the skills to succeed at the game and at life.  Coaches guide them mentally, athletically, and spiritually, and socially as well as introducing the teachings of Christ which foster positive sportsmanship while also helping develop their character.  Join us to be a coach (or assistant coach), help referee, keep score, or just come out and support the kids.  Basketball, Flag-Football and Soccer.

Click here to view the full list of upcoming Outreach Opportunities and to sign up to serve!


For more information, please contact Rev. Amy Hutchison.